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5 Fascinating Facts about the Human Brain

The mind is a very interesting place to say the least. What goes through our brains in a millisecond can feel like a surge in the galaxy. Here are five quick interesting facts.

1. Déjà vu (French for “already seen”) hasn’t been fully derailed. Some scientists believe it’s a neurological glitch that makes us feel like we’ve previously experienced an event in our consciousness.

2. Einstein’s brain weighed a normal 1,230 grams. What’s different is a few parts of his brain had certain sections of more glial cells in relation to neurons.

3. A mother getting ill can severely affect fetal brain cells. In fact, studies show influenza or malnutrition during pregnancy could be a catalyst for developing schizophrenia. The damage to developing cells can result from a few factors: maternal smoking and drinking, prenatal exposure to chemicals, or excess heat.

4. The brain takes the longest to develop and experiences the most changes than any other organ in the body.

5. A UCLA study found that both Caucasians and African Americans have similar brain activity when seeing photographs of African Americans.

They both showed more activity in the amygdala (the alarm response area of the brain) after being shown an expressionless photographs of African Americans than the expressionless photographs of Caucasians.



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